ButterFlight 2.2

ButterFlight 2.2 is a shareware matching game for Windows
2.2 (See all)

ButterFlight 2.2 is a shareware matching game for Windows. We can evaluate the free downloadable demo version available from the developer’s website. We can play it for 60 minutes. We can also purchase the game from there or from the game’s interface. It is very easy to download and install and no registration is required. In the game, we have lost our wings after a magic spell and must get a new pair by matching butterflies. We can select between four games modes, Pairs, Twins, Trios, and Quads. The objective is collecting as many butterflies as possible in groups of three or more. They can be in a straight line or just nearby depending on the game. We can swap, flip, and rotate them. The white butterfly serves as a token and can match any of the other types. The game has four playable levels, easy rider, novice, expert, and master. We can adjust the volume of the sound and music, the speed, and controls. There is a high score table, a video demonstration, auto save and help. We can use the Auto button to show, which is the best next move, but without getting any points.

Review summary


  • Free downloadable demo
  • Several levels
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Nothing exciting about this game
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